What the Parents Say

Koala Childcare is a calm, safe and spacious, colourful, clean
environment with lovely staff operating to a high standard of
care for my children. I feel confident and relaxed knowing
my children are happy and well cared for here.” - Sinéad

“From the very first anxious morning to the present day, there was never any
doubt in my mind that my precious grandson was receiving optimum
one-to-one care and attention. Moreover, the reassuring text messages,
which I received and needed at the time, were the key to my contentment
while he was in Koala Childcare. What’s more, he always leaves as a
‘happy-little-camper’. Thank you ever so much.” - Deirdre

“Getting to work is stressful enough, but being able to
put my two-and-a-half year old son in the hands of
people who really care each morning, is a great
start to the day. And they do care
in Koala. Hugely.” - Stuart

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